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“A Sri Lankan jungle safari camping exerts the greatest fascination, and is the best way to experience the cinematographic presentation, the great contrast of wildlife in Sri Lanka where one can take back pictures of the wild denizens sporting or grazing in un-peopled grasslands or bending over their reflections in pellucid surfaces of serene jungle pools.”
Tented Safari Camping in Yala & Udawalawe
We pitch safari camps at two of the most famous wildlife National Parks in Sri Lanka Udawalawe & Yala National Parks - offering a great plethora of wildlife with Udawalawe bounded by the serrated mountains of Sabaragamuwa & Yala bounded on one side by the Ocean. These safari camps are designed to help a vacationer traverse the amazing landscapes referred as Tented Safari Camping inside the National Parks with the least hustle possible and all popular spotting locations are within easy reach, which is far better than a gruelling trudge from the hotel in the morning with the crowds at the entrance.
Arrive at the safari campsite for real authentic Sri Lanka style reception of seasonal fruit juice and garnish, then enjoy a hot & spicy Sri Lankan lunch prepared in our jungle-kitchen, a table set under the shade of trees or river’s edge during mid-day when all is still and quiet wrapped in an Elysian calm, experience the unmistakable hint of a new world springing to life on a game drive as the sun dips lower murmuring adventure, this is the hour when Yala and Udawalawe National Parks literally wakes up teeming with life and motion.

Spot the big game of Sri Lanka, the Asian Elephant, Leopard, Black bear, Sambur, relish a cold beer and a spectacular view during dusk amidst a roaring log-fire and safari camp lit up with hurricane lamps. Enjoy a gourmet BBQ under the jet-black sky sprinkled with millions of stars, with the selection of wines on offer for dinner then slumber in your tent with the Yala or Udawalawe nocturnal philharmonic orchestra, of the Jungle.

"An experience to remember" 1 July 2015 - A TripAdvisor Traveller Read 46 reviews of Ruhunu Safari Camping

Jungle Experience
All you have to do once there is sit back and relax with a chilled beer in hand till your game drive starts! Returning to camp site in the evening, you’ll find the camp lit up by a roaring log-fire and copra torches/hurricane lamps. Enjoy a mouth watering menu of local & western cuisine and a selection of beverages, whilst discussing about the authentic jungle experiences of the day with our guide and ranger and of course the photographs.
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